Alvaro Hernandez — Java & PostgreSQL

Java is «the» Enterprise language, and probably the most used language to interact with a Postgres database. However, is Java with Postgres up to the task? This talk is a technical report on the state of the art of PostgreSQL and Java that will answer two basic questions:

Is Java able to exploit 100% of the performance that PostgreSQL delivers? If not, where is the overhead? What can be done about it? Are there any technical or architectural patterns in PostgreSQL that may limit Java’s performance?

Can we access from Java all the available functionality exposed by PostgreSQL? If not, what is missing and how it can be fixed?

This talk will explore current limitations/issues in using PostgreSQL from Java, but will also try to provide solutions and/or paths to fix and improve the current situation. Special focus will be provided on achieving high performance and current best practices.

  1. Alvaro Hernandez
    0.x serial entrepreneur. ToroDB ( founder & CEO. Opensource advocate. Learnaholic. Passionate geek. Tri-athlete wannabe. @ahachete