Understanding Latency and Application Responsiveness

12 октября 2016-го в питерском офисе компании Luxoft состоялась встреча JUG.ru с Гилом Тене, CTO компании Azul Systems. Тема встречи — время отклика (latency, responsiveness) приложений. Язык встречи — английский. Описание доклада:

Measuring, monitoring, and improving application responsiveness is a common need for many software professionals. Whether you develop applications or manage them, understanding application responsiveness and the major mechanisms that affect it is key to achieving successful applications and happy users.

In this talk, Gil will provide an overview of Latency and Response Time Characterization, including an overview of some common pitfalls encountered (far too often) in the field, as well as proven methodologies for measuring, reporting, and investigating latencies.